Spring Italian Cooking at Glenmore House, Camden – Sunday, 18 October 2020

Sunday, 20 October 2020
10am till 4pm


Mickey Robertson (a citron tart aficionado) of Glenmore House, Camden is a little fond of my lemon curd tart! So much so that it was the catalyst for this event!

There will be some handmade pasta and using Mickey’s glorious spring kitchen garden vegetables, and much more (I can’t give it all away!!!).

The day will begin at 10am in the Dairy with morning tea! During the morning we will pick and cook…and when the labour of love is done……we will eat!  Depending on the weather, we will enjoy a long-table lunch either in the loggia or if it’s too chilly, inside by the fire. There will be time to potter in the Barn and linger longer in the garden, we expect the day to end by 4pm.

Mickey & I would love for you to join us!



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By Mickey Robertson

The opportunity to cook the last of the spring harvest with ANGELA PALERMO is one that I just can’t let slip by! Yes, I’ve been dithering with the covid situation, but with a restricted number of places and covid-plan in place, we’ve decided to press on! And so, I’m delighted to invite you to join our ITALIAN HARVEST COOKING on SUNDAY 18 OCTOBER 2020.

The kitchen garden has a bounty of produce just now…from myriad leaves about to bolt to the last of the peas and broad beans, mountains of parsley and well…a whole lot more besides…and I think that this year, more than ever, spending time with someone who knows just how to turn that bounty into beautiful food is more important than ever. Regardless of the recipes Angela turns out on the day, the little gems she’s bound to share along the way…that knowledge she’s absorbed that’s been handed down from generation to generation, will inevitably spill over. She’s one of the most generous people I know and she loves to share it all. Just what we use may be spontaneously picked…and we can adjust recipe notes accordingly, because it’s this eating from the garden that I want to emphasise in everything we do here. (It’s what I do every day of course, but I like you to learn from someone who really does know her stuff!).  I could listen to Ange talk about food all day….

Within a relaxed atmosphere you will learn, have the opportunity to ask lots of questions; and we will all eat well, surrounded by the bounty from the kitchen garden and…the beauty of the spring ornamental garden that’s building up to full flight!

Oh and yes…the Lisbon lemon is laden with fruit once again, so I’ve asked Ange to please, please include her exquisite lemon curd tart, just as she did this time last year! (Not a morsel of any other one has crossed my lips since!).



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