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Italian Regional Cooking: Flavours of Puglia – Sunday, 14 March 2021

Sunday, 14 March 2021
10am till 2pm


Angela is very excited to be bringing back a series of Italian Regional cooking and baking workshops for 2021 to celebrate her Italian heritage!

“I am extremely excited to be exploring the cooking and baking of all the regions of Italy. Our first destination for 2021 is Puglia! We may not be able to fly there for a while, but we can dream and escape to Puglia through the art of food at The Village Cooks.” 

Join me for a 3 course Pugliese inspired lunch. We will cook and bake 3 meals typical of the southern Italian region – Puglia.

TO BOOK USING GIFT VOUCHER: Please email with your contact details and voucher number. Angela will reply with booking confirmation or if extra payment is required.