Ancient Grain Pasta at Cornersmith, Marrickville – Sunday, 28 February 2021 (Copy)

Sunday, 28 February 2021
11am – 2pm




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With Angela Palermo (from the Village Cooks)

Long before ‘00’ flour the differences between pastas was not just in their shapes but in the flavour and texture of the grains that were used. Angela Palermo knows her pasta history and has a lot of love for the heirloom grains that made a humble bowl of pasta such a nourishing meal. Today these grains are having a revival because they are nutritiously dense, easier to digest and have rich complex flavours you can’t get from plain flour. In this workshop Angela will introduce two of her favourite grains: spelt and kamut, discuss their individual flavour and nutritional profiles and teach you how to use them in your everyday pasta making. Learn to make a pumpkin filled kamut ravioli that you will cook and eat in class. Make hand rolled pici using spelt flour to take home. This class is a great chance to expand your knowledge of grains and flours for more wholesome home cooking.

In this class you will:

  • Make to eat in class kamut flour ravioli with a roast pumpkin filling
  • Make to take home hand rolled pici made with spelt flour
  • Learn how to use a pasta machine and methods for hand rolling and cutting
  • Learn about a variety of ancient grains and how to use them as replacements for refined flours in your cooking

3 hours


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